Relative SAT Subject Test Scores

Interpreting SAT Subject Test scores is a little bit different from interpreting scores on the regular SAT.  SAT Subjects Tests have higher average scores than the regular SAT because students naturally gravitate towards tests in their best subjects.  Some SAT Subject Tests are much more skewed, presumably because only students who are particularly competent in those areas even consider taking them. 

It is notable that the more intimidating a subject is generally considered to be, the higher the average SAT Subject Test score is.  For instance, of the three SAT Subject Tests in science, biology has the lowest average score and physics has the highest average score.  Likewise, the average score on the SAT Subject Test in Math, Level 2 is much higher than the SAT Subject Test in Math, Level 1. 

The very highest average scores are found in some of the SAT Subject Language Tests.  This is because many native speakers take these tests, even though they are primarily designed to be taken by students who have studied the language in high school and who are not native speakers.  Not surprisingly, languages that are less commonly offered in American high schools such as Korean and Chinese have the very highest average scores, since a very high percentage of the students taking these tests are native speakers. 

As a practical matter, should the average score students receive on an SAT Subject Test influence which tests you elect to take?  Ideally, you should discuss this with a good college guidance counselor, but my belief is that you should not dwell on average scores when choosing you SAT Subject Tests.  Instead, you should simply make your choice based on which subjects you are most interested in and most knowledgeable of. For further informaton contact New York Academics.

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